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Bedroom Producer

Explore the unique music of Sun Lite, an independent artist who produces music from the comfort of his own home. As a bedroom producer, Sun Lite creates,  and records his music independently, resulting in honest and passionate compositions. While not a professional record producer in the traditional sense, Sun Lite’s music is a true reflection of his love for music. Additionally, be sure to check out the video gallery section to fully experience the visuals that accompany his music.

Really? Hip Hop?

Hi there! I go by the artist name Sun Lite and my nickname is Willem. My latest album is called Sun’s Seven and it’s a great place to start if you want to get to know my music.

What’s this hip hop thing?  Well…I must admit, never really liked the genre, but thanks to my son I discovered there’s a lot of good music in that world.  

PLUS: did some co-operation with ChatGPT – AI wrote the lyrics (kind of), I created the music and the video, also with a little help from AI!




A multitude of genres and a neverending urge to experiment & improve...
I am driven by creativity, which is symbolized by the acronym SUN. As for LITE, it represents humility and a preference for a low profile.
I was born in 1964 and currently reside in Belgium. As an independent artist without a record label contract, I consider myself "your everyday bedroom producer" due to my humble gear setup.
I create electronic music across various genres. I am also capable of singing and playing a little bit of acoustic guitar. To create my music, I utilize virtual instruments and samples. I don't have any high-end equipment or expensive studio; instead, I work out of a basic room in my house. I take pride in crafting the perfect sound by mixing and mastering my music to the best of my ability. Additionally, I accompany each of my songs with a video
My Youtube Channel
Music has been a major influence in my life, whether as a listener or as a singer in local bands. As I pursued my passion for music, my focus eventually turned to producing and mixing sounds. In 2018, I launched the Sun Lite Project and have been fully committed ever since.
I enjoy listening to a variety of music genres and I like to incorporate them into my own creations. I find it difficult to comprehend why there are so many different music genres, styles, and subgenres. To me, it's all just music. My aim is to push the limits, explore new genres and sounds, and to enhance the quality of my mixing and mastering skills.
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Out Your Earplugs, Off Your Blinkers


Released: 01/06/2022

The debut album of Sun Lite comprises rock-oriented tracks that were primarily composed during the initial lockdown of the pandemic. The songs touch upon topics such as fake news, social media trolls, and the prevalence of schizophrenia in society

Influences of (Stoner)Rock, Soul, Blues, Punk.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!


Released: 08/06/2022

This post was published on multiple online stores around the same time as “Out Your Earplugs;…” However, this one stands out as it is in a completely different category. Initially, it was a 17-minute dance jam that I created during a holiday on my iPad. I later expanded and divided it into nine tracks using my laptop

90’s Dance, Trance, Goa

Unicorns & Dragons

Released: 30/12/2022

This album has a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for relaxing. It features more acoustic guitars and vocals than my other albums, and the songs cover topics such as love, death, fear, and hope.

Influences of Folk, Flower Power, Early Pink Floyd, Ambient, Garage Underground

Groovestation#9 (EP)


Released: 15/03/2023

This is the first of two EPs featuring songs that didn’t quite fit into any of my other albums. The EP includes two disco-funk tracks with an 80s influence, one sample-based track that was created in just two hours, and finishes off with a song that takes inspiration from Ozric Tentacles

Genres:Disco, Hip Hop, Space Rock/Funk

Sike! A Delicious Playground (EP)

Released: 28/06/2023

This is just a brief journey with no additional intentions. It contains some allusions to psychedelic culture from the 1960s and 1970s

60’s & 70’s Psychedelics, Krautrock, Pink Floyd

Sun's Seven (compilation)

Released: 19/07/2023

If you’re unsure of where to begin, this album is a great option for exploring different facets of Sun Lite. It’s my personal favorite as it includes my personal top picks and has a better sound quality than the originals.

Dance/Techno, Funk, (Symphonic)Rock, Folk…)

Video Slideshow

Explore the visual world of Sun Lite. Almost all of my songs have music videos. Check out some of the highlights below, or visit my YouTube channel for more.

The Making Of...

In the beginning...
...all I had was an iPad and GarageBand. I didn't even own a microphone. But surprisingly, many of those initial songs made it to my albums. For instance, tracks such as "Movin' On" and "Trolls" from the album "Sun's Seven" feature multiple voiceovers that were recorded using the iPad's built-in microphone
Listen: "Trolls"
I currently use a Windows laptop and the Reaper application as my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). To play virtual instruments such as the Mellotron, Hammond Organ, Moog, and other synths and soundscapes, I use a MIDI keyboard. I also utilize samples, which I edit as needed
In most of my songs, I sing and sometimes play the acoustic guitar. As of now, the electric guitars, basses, and drums used in my music are software-based.
I don't have a set workflow for creating music. Sometimes, I begin by writing lyrics and music on an acoustic guitar. Afterwards, I move to the DAW to work on the structure and arrangement while recording the vocals and other virtual instruments. Other times, I start with a basic idea like a beat or a bassline and see where it takes me as I work on it
Mixing & Mastering
I work on mixing and attempting to master my songs. Though they don't always sound perfect, I create them with love and sincerity. I primarily use studio headphones for now, but I dream of having a recording room with excellent monitors. It's just a matter of time and money before I can make that happen.
Other activities
After completing a song, I create a video to showcase it. You can find some highlights on my homepage, but for the full experience, you can visit my Youtube channel. Additionally, I attempt to design this website and manage my social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram during any spare time.
Sun Lite Facebook Page
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